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Friday, June 30, 2017
Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers Conf.

The theme this year is “Catalyzing Deep Change in Regional Communities: Making a Dent in the Universe Together”. The three host universities (Dalhousie, Saint Mary’s and the University of New Brunswick) are convinced that their regional economic development problems are not unique to Atlantic Canada. The 2017 conference will be a nexus for sharing: ideas, best practices and community building, to facilitate, activate, and jumpstart the same entrepreneurial movement they are seeing in their region – in other regions around the world.

All presentations must reflect the core conference theme. The focus is on ways entrepreneurship centers can serve as catalysts for collaboration, empowerment and transformation. Presenters will share best practices and latest innovations in educating and supporting students, managing the entrepreneurship center, spreading entrepreneurship across the campus, and working with the many stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem both inside and outside the university. 

Use this link to see all the details for submission or to download the flyer.  Submit proposals by June 30.

Last year, more than a dozen Cornell faculty and staff members attended the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers annual conference in Rochester, NY.  We fielded six panel presentations and took home the GCEC award for “Exceptional Activities in Entrepreneurship Across Disciplines”.  It would be grand to demonstrate Cornell strengths again this year.  Time is short, so please respond quickly if you wish to submit a presentation or workshop proposal to the GCEC committee.

If you are interested in attending this year, please notify Debra Eichten who can facilitate upload of presentation proposals.  Entrepreneurship at Cornell will pay the conference registration fees for Cornell attendees. However, each attendee is responsible for arranging his/her travel and other expenses. 

Use the link below to see information about the 2017 CGEC Conference - October 12-4

June 30 deadline for proposals
Held Oct 12-14 in Halifax, Nova Scotia-Canada
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