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Thursday, February 21, 2019 09:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Broader Impacts Design for NSF Proposals

OSP Roundtable: Broader Impacts Design for National Science Foundation Proposals

Presenter: Tiffany Fleming, Broader Impacts Design Manager

About the Presentation:

The NSF Merit Review process has two criteria for reviewing more than 50,000 proposals annually, Intellectual Merit, and Broader Impacts.  While researchers are generally confident about the Intellectual Merit of their projects, the Broader Impacts criterion can pose a different set of challenges for researchers. Questions and confusion about what Broader Impacts are and how to best design Broader Impacts are common, even though the criterion has been a central part of the NSF review process since 1997. NSF goals and expectations for Broader Impacts continue to evolve, while remaining deliberately non-prescriptive to encourage creativity, and thoughtful consideration.

This roundtable will provide an overview of NSF guidelines and trends in Broader Impacts today, and encourage researchers and those that support researchers to think about designing and facilitating Broader Impacts programs in strategic and collaborative ways. Broader Impacts resources, partnership opportunities and researcher case studies will be shared.  Bring your questions too.

This is the first in a series of Broader Impacts workshops taking place across campus during the spring semester of 2019. See the OSP website or contact Tiffany for future workshop information.  

About the Presenter:

Tiffany Fleming, MA, Broader Impacts Design Manager,

Tiffany is currently working with the Cornell University’s Office of Sponsored Programs and the Sciencenter on an NSF AISL (award #1610039) project to develop resources that better facilitate sustainable broader impacts projects between university researchers and community organizations. She has worked for over 10 years with researchers in diverse STEM fields to design, implement and assess Broader Impacts and STEM education programs. She has written and co-authored competitive grants with the NSF, USDA, NY State, and private foundations, and helped research teams and community groups raise over $1.8 million in sponsored projects. She has an MA in science education, a BA in biology and has designed STEM programs at The Boyce Thompson Institute, The Franklin Institute, Cornell Botanic Gardens, The Children’s Museum of Science and Technology and more.

Feel free to send your questions to Christine Brown about Boarder Impacts prior to the Roundtable on February 21.  Ms. Brown will provide the questions to Tiffany in advance of the Roundtable. 

Hosted by the Office of Sponsored Programs

404 Plant Science Building
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