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Tuesday, April 09, 2019 11:40 AM - 12:55 PM
Alumni connections: meet a program officer from NSF

Susi Remold is an ecologist and evolutionary biologist from the University of Louisville. She is an alumna of Cornell, having received her PhD in ecology and evolutionary biology. She has been a program officer for the NSF Ecology and Evolution of Infection and Disease (EEID) program for the past three years, and has been involved in the Evolutionary Processes Cluster (EP). We thought this would be an excellent opportunity to discuss her experience with the EEID program in the division of environmental biology and her time at NSF more broadly. This discussion is open to graduate students, faculty and postdocs.

For lunch, please shoot Brian Lazzaro a quick email at if you plan to attend. You can still show up for the discussion on Tuesday even if you do not RSVP for the lunch (and we'll even probably feed you anyway!).

Learn how she evaluates grant proposals in Environmental Biology, recruits scientific reviewers for grant proposals, does program management and science outreach.

This speaker is part of a special Ecology and Evolution of Infection and Disease (EEID) journal club meeting. The journal club is part of a larger initiative which brings together many researchers across campus. The Cornell Institute of Host-Microbe Interactions and Disease (CIHMID) is a "virtual institute" at Cornell, spanning multiple departments in several colleges. CIHMID provides an umbrella structure to promote and support innovative research in host-microbe biology at Cornell.

Dr. Remold will also be giving the EEB Department Seminar on:  

Mon, Apr 8: Susanna Remold (University of Louisville)
“The biogeography of household Pseudomonas?”?
Department of Ecology and Evolution Seminar Series
12:20 pm in A106 (Morrison Room), Corson-Mudd Hall

Hosted by Brian Lazzaro as part of EEID 

2123 Comstock Hall
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