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Monday, August 25, 2014
Business as a Second Language course to provide management life skills

In response to BEST survey/applications we have developed this course to address your business management life skills. Please tell all your colleagues about this opportunity, see info below. We expect this will be an important pre-requisite for you to get the most out of any future business classes taken at the Johnson Graduate School of Management or future industry/business “BESTernships”.

BME 5950: Business as a second language: From molecules to moolah!

Instructor:  Robert R. Karpman, M.D., M.B.A.; 2cr. (Graded) 7 weeks:  MWF  8:00- 8:50 a.m.  (a second class will begin after fall break )

No matter what area of science or engineering you plan to pursue, there are basic business skills that you will need to advance your career. Many of us have learned this too late, having to quickly incorporate business and managerial skills to survive in our jobs. The purpose of this course is to provide you with the basic skills necessary to develop and run a team successfully from a business and management perspective and how to successfully evaluate potential business opportunities.

Like any other foreign language, "businessese" has its own vocabulary, grammar principles and culture. The course will be presented in a similar fashion utilizing scientific case studies to emphasize and immerse the student in business and managerial principles.

Topics presented in the course will include the following:

  1. Balance Sheet, income statement and cash flow; the anatomy, physiology and life’s blood of any company.
  2. The job opportunity of a lifetime; or is it?
  3. You are a consultant for a venture capital firm investing in Biomedical technology. Which start-up should they choose?
  4. The supply and demand curve: Where do healthcare and biomedical technology fit?
  5. I need to create a design team for my company, whom should I pick?
  6. Negotiating skills: The Dean vs. the Department Chair!
  7. Am I a leader? How can I become a better one?
  8. Bic underwear? The 10 worst marketing disasters.