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Wednesday, October 08, 2014
Register for Business as a Second Language 2nd offering

Starting after Fall Break! BME 5950

ENROLL NOW! If you were not able to make the first session, here is another chance to enroll in this minicourse to get you up to speed prior to jumping in to a Johnson Graduate School of Management (JGSM) class.

Here's what the first crop of participants had to say:

"BME 5950 gave me a broad spectrum overview of key topics in business. Although the length of the course precludes it's ability to delve into depth in any specific topic, the breadth of the course helped me decide specific topics of interest within business that I aim to further research, learn, and understand outside of class. Overall, BME 5950 was a very fun experience and professor Karpman does a fantastic job engaging the students." --I, Harvey Tian, consent to having my name attached to the above quote.

"I have learned a great deal in the last 7 weeks. I thought making it to an 8:00am class would be difficult, but not for this class! Prof Karpman's lectures are clear, concise and always offer value. He always brings in examples from his career as an orthopedic surgeon, academic department chair, and entrepreneur that I find very useful and inspiring. Prof Karpman's dedication to helping each student understand the material is inspiring. I absolutely recommend this class to any student who is new to business or has some business experience but is looking for more direction"

"This class has been a great introduction into business as a second language. It has been seven weeks pack with useful information and vivid discussions."

"I would recommen[d] the class to anyone that does not know much about business, wants to learn but has limited time"

"I recommend Business as a Second Language to everyone, regardless of their career aspirations. Dr. Karpman is knowledgeable and teaches not to required standards but to the students' needs and wants for the class. BSL is a great way to learn all the basics of business in a relaxed, non-pressure atmosphere. The knowledge gained in this class is sure to set me apart during the job search process and help me in my future career."--Jocelyn Marshall, PhD candidate

"Prof. Karpman's course has been a great introduction to many of the terms and ideas that are used in a business setting. Though you may be able to learn the vocabulary on your own, this class has provided a useful forum to discuss related ideas and learn from Prof. Karpman's experience."--Lena Bartell, PhD candidate in AEP