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Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Get Industry Experience at Smaller, Entrepreneurial Companies

Small and Medium Sized Businesses can Hire Interns at Cornell

Summer Internships provide entrepreneurial students with opportunities to gain essential experience in small to mid-sized businesses located throughout the US and abroad.

During the internship, each Cornell student brings the latest in entrepreneurial thinking from their classroom and applies it to their assignment. The business assignments are designed as hands-on experiences that will expose the intern to small business operation and will help to prepare the student as a next generation business leader, innovator and entrepreneur. In a reciprocal fashion, each business benefits from adding a creative, independent new employee to their team for a pre-determined time period and project.

Students from any of the schools and colleges are eligible to apply for these paid internships.

Below is the easy link to fill out your application and to learn more.

See for more information.