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Wednesday, February 17, 2016
Networking and Careers in Physics Beyond the Lab

From data management to publishing in physics journals, participants interested in careers and skills beyond the lab learned what it takes to be a successful graduate student in physics, and how to translate their skills to entice future employers to hire them. 

After a brief overview and collective definition of networking and why it might be important to your career, participants rolled up their sleeves to give it a try. The first pairwise introductions were flat and uninformative, e.g. "Nancy is a PhD student in x lab studying theoretical physics," but with some practice and increased confidence, some prodding to really find out interesting and relevant details, and practice again after reflecting on what empassions them, participants presented sensational introductions for each other. In the future, perhaps these grad students will dare sit next to someone they don't know and introduce themselves without fear to show their passion, making it easy for others to introduce them, thus building their network.

 The Director of the Office of Postdoctoral Studies then walked attendees through the particular skills employers beyond academia look for, how graduate students can describe their transferrable skills, and morph their CV to a resume focused on solutions rather than the questions they research. Many tools and resources were shared to find and apply for jobs during the presentation (available here).


Brought to you by the Institute of Physics Publishing, the Physics Library and the BEST Program in concert with the Office of Postdoctoral Studies and the Physics Graduate Society