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Thursday, May 05, 2016
Invited speaker recruits BESTies to test policymaking waters

As an outcome of Charles Kruzansky's and Zoe Nelson's visit to campus they have created a job offering for you to test the waters in policymaking prior to committing to a career in this area from June 2016 to May 2017, to fill in for Zoe Nelson while she is on maternity leave. Title: STATE RELATIONS ASSOCIATE in University Relations. More info on the position description here

With direction from Associate Vice President, work on various projects:

College Affordability Report
Using various Cornell sources, collect data to be used in a new report required by the NYS Legislature.
First Annual Legislative Research Day
Work with Universities across NYS to organize a day for legislators to visit nearby campuses to learn more about research. The goal is to develop legislative advocates for research and to familiarize as many legislators as possible with this one-day event. Coordination and communication will be a key element to the success of this day.
Educational Tours
Organize several tours for legislators and their staffs to learn more about what Cornell does in various locations throughout the State.
Assist with lobbying efforts that begin in the fall and continue through April until the budget is passed.
Intern recruitment
Assist with the recruitment and placement of Cornell students to work in NYS government from January-May.  Day-to-day interaction is necessary to ensure successful student experiences.
Collect, analyze, and synthesize data on other states’ support for higher education, their higher education policies, and new programs to limit student debt.

Please let us know if you plan to apply.

A great time to see the environment in which you would be working is to join the BEST Day in Albany on May 24.