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Friday, July 15, 2016
BESTies attend MSL conference

What is an MSL? A medical science liaison.  If you love science communication, this career might be for you. Here's more insight from BESTies Ezen Choo (Molecular Medicine), Jocelyn  Wang (Pharmacology), and Jocelyn Marshall (Biomedical Engineering) who attended the MSL trainee conference in Atlanta.

"The opportunity to attend the first ever Medical Science Liaison Society's Candidate Career Conference was phenomenal. Although I brought a healthy dose of skepticism, I was really impressed. The PhD life can be hectic and it’s hard to set aside time to learn about different career paths when there are so many papers to read and experiments to do." -Ezen Choo

"Thank you again for sponsoring us to go to this MSL trainee conference in Atlanta. I think this is a very good opportunity to get exposed to the MSL world. It's very mind-blowing. I would definitely recommend this to other students if they are interested in an alternative career that requires lots of science communication and zero bench work.” -Jocelyn Wang

"This was an amazing opportunity to learn about the medical science liaison career. There were presentations by skilled hiring managers and recruiters with 10's of years of experience. They laid out the best approach for readying yourself for the career as well as how to best market yourself during the job search/interview process. This was my second MSL Society event and I believe one of the best parts of their events is the ample time for networking, which is so key to breaking into the industry. If you are considering becoming an MSL this is a necessary resource for you." -Jocelyn Marshall

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