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Monday, May 23, 2016
BEST Program at the Biotechnology Symposium

The BEST Program was represented this year at the 8th Annual Biotechnology Symposium by Susi Varvayanis, BEST Program Senior Director, and BESTies Kathleen Hefferon (Nutritional Sciences), and Bhavya Sridhar (Comparative Biomedical Sciences).  

Kathleen Hefferon's abstract was chosen in the Biotechnology & Health session for an oral presentation on "Plant-derived Pharmaceuticals for Developing Countries". See list of speakers here.

Bhavya Sridhar was an attendee and poster presenter and this is what she has to say about her experience:

"The conference showcased speakers from a wide range of fields including many that typically come to mind like nanobiotechnology, biofuels and biomaterials, but also forest and environmental biotechnology. There are increasing opportunities for academic collaboration with industry and government and speakers at the event were examples of people who were successful in building that collaboration. I benefitted from conversations about my research with a broader audience and was encouraged to elaborate on the applications of my work. Attending the NYS biotechnology symposium was an efficient way of gaining exposure to industry collaborations in a multitude of biological disciplines.

Thank you so much for making the arrangements for my talk. I was delighted to meet so many scientists who are not only relevant for my discipline but who also live close by! The symposium gave me an opportunity to hear some really diverse talks and make some good connections. The venue was lovely!"

Susi Varvayanis moderated the plenary panel discussion "Education: From Theory to Practice" featuring leaders from the high school, community college, university and industry sectors who  shared their perspectives on how we should be rethinking science education practices.  See event agenda.