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Monday, October 31, 2016
Prioritize your skill development time

This Halloween, instead of turning into a ghoul, BEST recommends pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone via exposure to business and management skills, useful in whatever career you will end up in. A good investment of your STEM PhD and postdoc time. We suggest to prioritize your professional development goals on an equal level with your research goals. Incorporate these skills into your individual development plan. They might even help you achieve your research goals faster!

"No matter what area of science and engineering you plan to pursue, there are basic business skills that you will need to advance your career. Many of us have learned this too late, having to quickly incorporate business and managerial skills to survive in our jobs." -Robert Karpman, BEST mentor and creator of the BEST supported Business as a Second Language course.

Here's a short list to investigate further to see how they fit into your schedule and the time you have allotted to your career development. Contact us if you would like to connect with other BESTies who have taken these courses before.

"Skills nonacademic employers generally require, traditional graduate programs largely ignore—mainly in communication, teamwork, and project management." -Linda Strausbaugh, director of strategic initiatives at the National Professional Science Master’s Association. See the Science article here.

Another sensational resource is the virtual career center at SciPhD. Check out their videos to learn about the skills you should beef up and how to describe your research more clearly to a non-academic audience.