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Tuesday, December 13, 2016
Cornell postdoc alumna urges scientists to get active in policymaking

Since the election, it appears that science and scientific evidence is at risk of falling by the wayside. That is, unless scientists activate. Cornell's BEST Program is here to help you get the tools you need to be effective at advocating for science.

Cornell postdoc alumna Catharine Young co-created Chris Schaffer's Science Policy Bootcamp course and is now walking the walk. She shared via TED Fellows her take on what we can do right now, starting with contacting your representatives. Her bottom line?

  1. Now more than ever, scientists need to become the world’s greatest storytellers.
  2. It’s time to rethink how we educate graduate students.
  3. Sign up for the BEST supported Science Policy Bootcamp: Concept to Conclusion course that gives students the tools to engage in active policymaking work.

Catharine Young currently serves as Senior Science and Innovation Policy Advisor and Head of DC Team at the British Embassy. She is a TED Fellow. Read her article at

This is the end of bystander science

With Trump as our President-elect, the time has come for scientists to engage with Congress.

Catharine Young in TED Fellows

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