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Monday, March 20, 2017
BESTies complete Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

The BEST Program in partnership with Binghamton University's Watson School of Engineering offered the opportunity to register and complete the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training. Six BESTies took advantage of the full reimbursement for the course and received their diplomas this Spring:  David Lynch, Materials Science and Engineering; Yifan Cheng, Food Science; Oriana Teran, Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology; Mohammad Haft-Javaherian, Biomedical Engineering, Juan Wang and Hansen Xu, Molecular Biology and Genetics.

If you are considering this option, see what they have to say about their experience:

I was really excited to hear about this opportunity to take a course in Lean Six Sigma through the BEST program and Binghamton University. In my past experiences at industrial internships, both in the chemical and manufacturing industries, the Lean Six Sigma process plays a very integral role within the organizations to reduce organizational waste and improve process throughput.

Ultimately, the concepts and skills learned in this course will not only be useful in an industrial setting, but is also very useful in the lab setting in grad school (or even at home). Being able to develop a process flow map and identify critical players at each processing step has been useful in my research during device fabrication runs in the Cornell Nanoscale Science and Technology Facility (CNF). Even seemingly trivial tasks, like standardizing and scheduling maintenance work on lab equipment, has been streamlined using Lean Six Sigma techniques. 

It was especially fortunate for me that this course was offered online. The timing of the course happened to fall in-line with the holiday season complicated by traveling for job interviews. I felt very lucky to be able to take this course through the BEST program, even though I was not able to study on-campus with the other BESTies taking it.-David Lynch

Taking the lean six sigma course provided by Binghamton University is very rewarding even if it was not easy and took a long time. To successfully pass the course, you have to spend over 20 hours on the lectures (12 lectures total and each lecture is 90 min long) and for the final exam, I spent around 30 hours. Even if it's a tough course and requires a lot of efforts, I still think it worth taking. Since I am interested in doing consulting after my graduation, this course is perfectly for that field. It teaches us two methodologies that are very important for the industry, the lean methodology and the six sigma methodology. The first one focuses on reducing the wastes and the second one focuses on reducing the variance. Those are the problems that most companies are faced with and since people in consulting are focused on problem solving for companies, the lean six sigma green belt certificate will be a great boost for my resume. Moreover, the methods and tools I learnt from this course will also get me well prepared for my future work.-Juan Wang

It was so fascinating to learn these concepts and tools and to see their power. I could learn the fundamental concepts as well as tools. This learning process was followed up with the final project/exam, which helped us to apply our new knowledge to real word problem. This training is very valuable and I recommend it to everyone.-Mohammad Haft-Javaherian

It's a good course. The course covered varies aspects of process improvement and provided real life examples and case studies to assist with understanding. After completing the course, I feel more confident in applying the Lean Six Sigma principles to improve efficiency and reduce variation in a given process. I highly recommend it to PhD students or postdocs who have an interest in industrial jobs.-Yifan Cheng

This certification involved lean six sigma basic training. The class taught you the techniques to make processes more effective and accurate, while giving you real life examples.-Oriana Teran

This is an excellent certificate to have for those BESTIES looking for jobs in industry. It really teaches you how to think about inefficiencies in everyday running of businesses and how to improve them.-Hansen Xu

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