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Tuesday, June 13, 2017
Nanoscience researchers wanted for SpringerNature

SpringerNature would like to invite a few researchers from Cornell (3 to 5) on 10th July to the SpringerNature office (233 Spring St, NY, NY 10013). Requirements: PhD students/Post Docs who have either published / co-published at least one patent or are actively involved in searching for patents in the field of Nanosciences or Material Sciences. This opportunity resulted from BESTie Siddarth Chandrasekaran inviting a speaker, Prathik Roy, to Cornell for the 4th annual BEST Symposium. Details are as follows: 

What are we trying to do

SpringerNature has built Nano with the aim to cover the maximum number of patents keeping in mind the inventors' novel and unique intellectual properties. Readers in many cases find it challenging to seek information and data of interest in a mixture of scientific and legal languages in all patents, while during the initial search stage, find it perplexing and time-consuming to find the right patents without missing the important ones. This discussion is aimed to understand at a deeper level what the user needs are for nanotechnology-related patents with the goal of drawing out a potential roadmap for Nano on nanotechnology patent coverage and the accompanying key platform features.

Tentative topics to be discussed are as follows:

1. Needs for patents vs. journal articles
2. Prioritizing patent jurisdictions and other parameters
3. The specific information that users look for in a patent and their current workflow
4. The information and data cues that users look for, in order to capture patents they will explore in greater detail and their current workflow
5. The ideal scenarios or solutions for a user to effectively and efficiently identify the right set of patents and quickly find the information of interest within patents or not necessarily from patents.

How will this benefit the researchers:

Gain first-hand knowledge about the inner workings of a major scientific publishing company
What goes into designing a product Interact with fellow scientists and product developers
Understand what are the needs of a scientific publishing company which helps in gaining an edge during job hunting

Where and When? 10th July at the SpringerNature office (233 Spring St, NY, NY 10013). We can work out the timings depending on the convenience of the researchers coming from Cornell as it would be a fairly long trip to NY city.

If interested please contact Susi Varvayanis and Prathik Roy, Ph.D. Springer Nature Product Manager - Nanoscience and Technology Database Research Group.

Who we are

SpringerNature, one of the world’s leading global research, educational and professional publishers is investigating the worldwide patent coverage related to nanosciences and technology and is looking to involve the nanoscientific community that is involved with patenting process in nanosciences and technology. We would like to invite researchers in nanosciences to join us for a round table discussion on the need for a state of the art patent search solution from the perspective of a scientist and a researcher.