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Saturday, April 29, 2017
Entrepreneurship@Cornell offers an eye opening experience

Entrepreneurship@Cornell Celebration brings together alumni, parents, students, faculty, and staff for two days of on-campus events including symposia on a wide range of topics including: mentorship success; sustainable, social enterprise; health administration.  BESTies Ruisheng Wang (Engineering), and Sarah Adeyemo (Plant Biology) received a BEST Program award to attend, and gave us feedback about their experience:

It was an eye opening and encouraging experience for me. 95% of participants were entrepreneur.  Start ups ranged from innovation from technical skills acquired by Cornell students while studying to business of passion to meet needs of the community, not necessarily a Cornell University product. Products originating from Haiti and Ghana were one of the  highlights and solar panel creation to meet needs in the West African Countries especially Nigeria was another innovation to mention a few. It encouraged my long term desire to be an entrepreneur and I am sure one day, I will reach that  goal, if  I do not give up, considering the present circumstances I find myself.-S. Adeyemo

The Entrepreneurship @ Cornell Celebration is a great event for networking with alumni and current students interested in startups and entrepreneurship.  The panels and pitch competitions cover diverse topics and offer inspiration for for aspiring entrepreneurs.-R. Wang