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Monday, August 07, 2017
2017 BEST Advisory Board bonds with ropes challenge

A recent cooler, sunny Saturday found BESTies atop Mount Pleasant for low and high elements of the Hoffman Challenge Course to get to know each other, have fun and build trust for their leadership in the next year. Low elements yielded lessons about planning, communication, inclusiveness, and having everyone play a role. Although planning was initially intentional, jumping in and planning along the way worked quite well for this adaptable group that, it turns out, functions very well together despite most of the group members having met only once before. As the challenges grew more complex (for instance removing communication ability, use of limbs or even sight) the group became more creative and rose to the occasion--literally 40 feet in the air, in some of the exercises. Building on previous experiences earlier in the day, pairs even walked tightropes holding hands to see how far they they could go as their ropes angled away from each other. 'Exhilarating,' 'challenging,' and 'fun' were words that summarized the day. Look to these people to give your suggestions as they continue to shape the BEST Program going into the coming years.

pictured, from l to r, BEST Advisory Board members: Jin Liang, Elvis Cao, Mohammad Haft-Javaherian, Gael Nicholas, Sarah Adeyemo, Fiona Harnischfeger, Levon Atoyan, Sabrina Solouki, and Celine Cammarata.