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Sunday, July 30, 2017
Leadership Alliance - Career Development Workshop

BESTies, Jen Schmidt (Biological Engineering), Jessica Elmore (Immunology and Infectious Disease), and Varun Kopparthy, (Biomedical Engineering) attended the SYNERGI (SYnergistic Network to Enhance Research that Grows Innovation) Biomedical Career Development Workshop hosted by The Leadership Alliance in Hartford, CT, on July 26 & 27, 2017.  See their comments and takeaways:

"My time at the SYNERGI career development workshop was such a fantastic and valuable experience. On the first day, we broke bread together while engaging in lively conversation with my peers and the workshop facilitators. The executive director, Dr. Medeva Ghee warmly greeted us kicking off the Plenary Session. After our greetings, we listened to the insightful, fascinating, and inspirational stories of Drs. David Castro, Tammi Taylor, Linda Miller, and Amalia Avila. We learned about their story and how they came to be in their respective careers. The next day Drs. Barbara Schreiber and Chelsea Barbercheck presented data on the biomedical workforce identifying the key skills for various careers. After learning of these skills, Dr. Lauren Celano taught us how to identify opportunities by “searching smart”—creating a job search checklist while focusing on your values, skills and interests will better help you define what career path that will suite you best. Then we put what we learned in practice. Which I found that extremely beneficial! Facilitators that actively work in Industry, Entrepreneurship, Editing, Sales, Academia, among others constructively reviewed everyone’s CV and/or resume one on one bases catering to what career field that individual was interested in. I learned helpful tips on how to organize my CV, identify skills that I did not even think I had, and various ways to obtain skills I lack. Overall, it was a fantastic two days, I learned many things about myself and had the opportunity to connect with others who felt the need of guidance in determining a career path."-Jessica Elmore

"The Leadership Alliance Career Development Workshop was an excellent forum to give me the resources necessary to identify potential careers. It provided workforce data about many different job markets and connected me with professionals from a diverse array of careers. Networking with these professionals gave me a better idea of what jobs interest me. The workshop also provided workforce data on skill requirements for the different jobs, so I can create a career development plan tailored to my most likely career paths."

"Leadership Alliance workshop was a great event to network with likeminded individuals in biomedical sciences and engineering. I have gained insight about a variety of career options available in the field and interacted with mentors and professionals who have guided me to potential career opportunities."-Varun Kopparthy

Watch The Leadership Alliance video about this event and learn about the goals of this organization by visiting their website.