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Sunday, April 09, 2017
BESTies attend Good Clinical Practices Conference

The BEST program sponsored BESTies Ezen Choo and Adele Zhou (Pharmacology) to attend Good Clinical Practices Conference 2017: Regulatory Issues in Clinical Research on April 5 in Pittsford, NY. This one day seminar provided an in-depth review of some of the latest FDA guidances and  practical tips to assist participants in understanding, applying and successfully complying with GCP guidelines.   See their feedback and comments:

This event was designed for professionals from pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies; CROs; and other clinical trial service providers whose responsibilities involved: clinical Quality, clinical trials, clinical monitoring, regulatory affairs, and risk management/ operations. I wanted to attend because I have very limited exposure to the topic and this one day event accommodated my schedule well. It was a small event of about two dozen attendees, so it was easy to meet the speakers and other attendees (network building!). This conference provided good exposure to regulatory affairs in clinical research as well as other items such as the future of electronic consent forms, new tools for completing clinical trials, and overviews of current guidelines. For this event, we were more like flies on the wall sitting in on the conversations. It was a good way to get exposed to Good Clinical Practice and to hear the latest trends.- Ezen Choo

I went into this full day seminar wanting to leave with a general introduction and understanding about some aspects of clinical trials for my future career in medical writing. As someone who does not have any background in clinical trials or the technical lingo associated with clinical trials regulations, I had a difficult time following along with some of the more technical aspects of the day. But by the end of the day, I felt that I had a better understanding of the regulatory side of clinical trials and I walked away with knowledge that I can apply elsewhere. There was only about 15-20 people present throughout the day, so it was a good opportunity to network with people. I think this would be a great event for someone who has performed/is currently working in clinical trials, I feel they would get more out of this seminar.-Adele Zhou