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Friday, February 24, 2017
There is no such thing as bad networking

BESTie, Mary Clare McCorry, took advantage of BEST financial support and completed a carefully planned networking/job search trip with a very good outcome.  Her first stop was the AMRI MedTech MeetUp in Albany on Feb. 15, she continued to Boston to attend the RAPS Boston Chapter EU Harmonization, and the Spring 2017 Career Fair at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (her alma mater) on Feb. 16, and finally she stopped at the Sciences Career Job Fair at the 2017 AAAS Conference Meeting on Feb. 17. 

Read her comments and takeaways: 

The AMRI MedTech MeetUP was a great opportunity to network with biotech/pharma professionals that are in the regional area. As someone applying to careers in industry, this event was a great opportunity to learn about other people career paths and what they look for in candidates. The tour of the AMRI facility was a nice peek into how drug development happens and what that looks like at different stages of product development. Besides being a great networking opportunity, as a student it was helpful to be in an environment with biotech industry professions and learn some of their lingo. That lingo has been helpful as I’ve continued to network and market myself as someone who would be competent transitioning out of academia to industry.While I didn’t get a contact for a job at this event, I was able to contact a friend of mine with somebody I met. It’s a mixed bag what you can find at an event like this, but there is no such thing as bad networking.

This was a local networking dinner event with a follow up presentation on EU harmonization standards. I am looking for jobs in the Boston area, so this event was a good opportunity to network with regulatory professionals working in the area. Also, I was able to get a better global understanding of medical device regulation. The information that I learned at this event will help me be more informed when I talk about regulation in my next job. These sorts of events can be intimidating, but I brought along a friend in the field and we both had a great time making new connections. I was glad I brought her along because she could help give me context for some of the content that I saw in the presentation too.

I did get a useful connection from my day at WPI, which got me a job interview, and I just got accepted to a fellowship at the FDA, so I think I can call the trip a success!-Mary Clare McCorry.