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Cornell University


Saturday, November 04, 2017

Left to right: Jason Chang, Benjamin Albert, Matthew Whitman

BESTies, Benjamin AlbertJason Chang and Matt Whitman (Biomedical Engineering) rounded up their visit to Washington DC to attend the AIMBE Public Policy Institute with a tour of NPR, ending up that way an enriching and learning experience. 

"Madeline (Maddie) Sofia, Assistant Producer at NPR and Queen of the Friends of Joe's Big Idea (FOJBIs), gave us an exclusive hour-long tour of NPR facilities at their headquarters in D.C. We toured the set of All Things Considered, a flagship news program on NPR, and explored one of the production studios where NPR correspondents broadcast their segments. Maddie also showed us the infamous Tiny Desk where guest artists and musicians perform. Through the FOJBIs, Maddie and Joe Palca, a science correspondent at NPR, have created a community to share the stories of young scientists with diverse audiences through op-ed pieces and short animated videos. Towards the end of our tour, Maddie took us around her office area and showed us some of the cool science communication projects that she has worked on, including a cartoon on the development of a portable centrifuge by Manu Prakash, Professor of Bioengineering at Stanford University. With the emphasis of the AIMBE Public Policy Institute for Rising Leaders being on the importance of effective science communication and policy, this tour of NPR was a great way to end our D.C. adventure on an inspired note." Jason Chang