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Friday, November 10, 2017
Transitioning to industry careers

On November 7, a diverse panel shared their experiences in transitioning from academia into industry careers.  The BEST Careers in.... Industry, Entrepreneurship and Management event was moderated by BESTie Jin Liang, Post Doctoral Fellow in the Yu Lab at the Weill Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology. Around 25 postdocs and graduate students from 17 different fields who attended posed questions on how, where and the timeline to begin looking for jobs.

The panelists offered their insight from the employer and employee perspective and answered the participants' questions regarding internships, the job search, and what to look for in companies at which they would like to work.

"It was a great panel discussion. The panelists were very good at answering questions and the participants were actively involved. I also do feel that PhD students/postdocs need more networking opportunities with industrial people."-Jin Liang

Pictured, left to right:

Kent Göklen, Director of Downstream Process Development-GlaxoSmithKline
Craig Beil, Research Scientist and Project Manager-Nature Source Improved Plants
Jingwen Zhang, Senior Scientist-AstraZeneca
Colin Jermain, Data Scientist-Lucro

"I thought it worked out very well, having people from a wide cross-section of industries and roles, and at different points in our career – it gave the students access to a good diversity of thought."