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Tuesday, May 01, 2018
Opportunities abound, and BESTies know it

 BEST Program encourages and support BESTies to explore career options in different ways. Carolyn Chlebek, Biomedical Engineering, did just that by attending the WELocal conference in Providence on April 20-21 which offered the opportunity to attend 35+ sessions over two-days and join in several networking opportunities that embrace the local qualities of Providence.

"The WELocal Providence conference was a great opportunity to network with female engineers across industry and academia. The conference featured inspiring keynote speakers,such asShannon O'Brien, who spoke on her efforts in public policy and work with women's organizations. The sessions provided attendees with insight into topics such as starting your own business, planning for retirement, and better communication practices. Particularly, the communication-focused sessions that stood out included (1) discussing micro-aggressions and their prevention, (2) understanding company-wide policies across a multi-generational workforce, and (3) developing a formula to use to deliver bad news effectively." C. Chlebek



Jui-Yun Liao, Plant Biology, took a different path via the Cornell Career Services Alumni Connection Program and arranged on-site interviews with Cornell Alumni with explicit goals: gather more information about the jobs, seek the advice from Cornell alumni with similar education background, and recruit Cornell alumni as career mentor in the non-academic field. 

"In order to explore the possible opportunities and career paths as a scientist, I initiated several on-site informational interviews with Cornell alumni during the course of spring break. These interviews could not have been possible without the resources offered by the BEST program, Cornell career services, as well as the precious support from my advisor. 

I have had a significant experience during the several conversations regarding the different career paths, the research environment, and the grant/funding opportunities within and beyond academia. This program equipped me with the necessary confidence to network with people and seek professional advice from insiders, crucially helping me to better prepare for my career in the near future." J.Liao