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Friday, June 26, 2015
BESTies complete Lean Six Sigma Certification course

BEST Program in partnership with Binghamton University's Watson School of Engineering again offered the opportunity to register and complete the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training at no cost to BEST trainees. BESTies Alex Coots (Nutritional Sciences), Siddarth Chandrasekaran (Chemistry and Chemical Biology), and Poornima Gadamsetty (Biomedical Engineering) earn this certification at the green belt level.

Lean Six Sigma certification at the Green Belt level gives you valuable business tools to achieve process and operational excellence. The course content emphasizes why the implementation of Lean Six Sigma is vital to the continuous improvement of industry in today's competitive world. Several case studies and applications of Lean Six Sigma concepts are presented throughout the course along with how it is used not only in the manufacturing context but other areas as well. The teaching is to conceptually and practically analyze, break down and fix a problem to arrive at a more efficient solution for continuous process improvement. Specifically the course covered:

  • Continuous process improvement (CPI) with emphasis on both lean and six sigma concepts and methodologies;
  • Lean concepts and its applications, such as 5s, waste reduction, value stream mapping, and error proofing;
  • DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) to solve issues and transition CPI projects from one phase to another
  • Basic statistical analysis methods, tools, and control charts used to determine key relationships between inputs and outputs;
  • The integration of both lean and six sigma for achieving data-driven process improvement results
  • Team dynamics and leadership to provide effectively successful projects.

See the comments/tips they shared with us about their experience:

"The information and the certificate will undoubtedly prove useful in my career.The knowledge gained will be important for streamlining processes, irrespective of career choice. The certificate will show a diverse skill base and a commitment towards gaining skills pertinent to careers outside academia. Work on the exam as you learn. The exam takes time. Do the Black Belt course too! Having grads/post-docs combine industry best-practices with their technical degree will assure competitive placement in leadership positions." A. Coots

"The course was very informative and the final exam helped reinforce the main concepts of the class. This course is a pretty good introduction to six sigma and lean methodology. Six sigma contains ideas that help reduce variability in processes while lean methodology is useful in reducing waste. Combining these two concepts can help make all processes very efficient. 

This course was extremely worthwhile. As I did spend significant amounts of time on the final exam, I gained a lot through this course. I would recommend that people try to finish up the videos in the first two weeks and use the final two weeks to do the final exam. This is also recommended by the instructors. Additionally, I think it is useful for fellow participants to get together to watch the video and answer each questions/doubts if any. Also, I would definitely recommend that the participants contact the instructors and ask them any pertinent questions (I found the instructor staff to be very helpful). 

Being an analytical chemist I find that most industrial positions require at least a basic understanding of six sigma concepts and hence I think this course will be of great use to me in the future. Please fell to quote me. Also if future BESTies have any questions regarding this course, I would be glad to talk with them. I can be reached at sc974@cornell.eduS. Chandrasekaran

"Being in the bio field I was not aware of this material.  The course material was great, and it would be very helpful for a career in industry."  P. Gadamsetty.