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Monday, July 23, 2018
BEST will go university-wide and is hiring!

Please share widely the advertisement for a Program Manager position at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY to support career exploration and immersion opportunities for graduate students and postdocs across the disciplines. We seek a collaborative individual who has experience in professional development to help PhDs explore aspects of various careers through flexible, experiential and empowering opportunities, to inform career decisions, and to gain skills for their future. In response to needs assessments that they will conduct, this individual will provide coaching to and assist graduate students and postdocs with developing career-seeking skills and exploring relevant employment opportunities.

For the full description of the Career Exploration Program Manager position and for more information click here.
If you, or a colleague you know is appropriate for this position, please personally encourage them to apply.

The ad can also be shared in pdf form if you prefer. The long position description is downloadable here.

To apply: Here is the link to the Internal Career Site. If you share the announcement with colleagues on campus, this might be the more appropriate link to use. If you are not already in the Cornell community, see the External Posting Site.