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Sunday, August 05, 2018
Attend conferences, explore careers, and connect.

The BEST Program encourages and supports BEST participants to attend events that allow them to learn, explore careers options, and make connections.  BESTie Noam Eckshtain-Levi, Postdoc in Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology at the Boyce Thompson Institute, attended the International Congress of Plant Pathology (ICPP) 2018: Plant Health in a Global Economy in Boston on July 29-August 3.

"I would like to thank you and the BEST program for the support and funding. Without this program, I would not be able to attend the International conference of plant pathology which was held at Boston in July-August 2018. The conference was a great opportunity to interact both with fellow scientists and people from the industry.  

During the six-day conference, I attended four different committee meetings and proposed workshops and social events involving early career and industry for the next meeting. I spoke with other early career researchers on their journey to getting a job in companies such as Corteva Agriscience and Valent BioSciences. Also, I had a one-on-one meeting with team lead at BASF and Industry affair lead at Monsanto. In addition, I was invited to visit at the Indigo HQ and talk with several scientists and team leaders at the company. This tour gave me the opportunity to see how companies in the industry operate and recruit workers.

Regarding the academic aspect, I met my formers advisors and collaborators and we updated each other regarding our joint studies. Those meetings helped to set a timetable to publish two papers we have been working on.  Furthermore, I spoke with them about the BEST program and the importance of university-wide effort to prepare grad student and postdoc to diverse career pathways. 

I used the tools we learned at Pathway to Success Symposium to promote my poster and tweet about the conference in order to increase my visibility. I enjoyed my time at the conference and felt that I gained knowledge and made connections that will help me find a job in the industry." -N. Eckshtain-Levi