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Saturday, August 18, 2018
Exploring the biomed industry: an opportunity close at hand

Connecting with professionals in diverse career fields can help you learn more about what you can do with your PhD. Cornell University is a member of the statewide trade organization MedTech that recently held a MedTech Meet up for members in Rochester on August 16. 

BESTies Julio Sanchez and Eunice Awuah, PhD candidates in Comparative Biomedical Sciences and Nutritional Science, respectively, received a BEST scholarship to attend. They travelled together and were able to get to know each other along the way.

"The MedTech Meetup involved a broad community of students and professionals from various fields. The formal meeting involved talks from CEOs of startups, available grants to upstate NY researchers and the general outlook of the University of Rochester's goal to implement engineering in the medical field. Poster presentations were mainly about the biomedical engineering students currently at Rochester with some sprinkled in work in biomedical sciences. For this reason, I felt that this event was more geared to the biomedical engineers as many of the talks and posters were heavy on the engineering side of things for someone such as myself who is in the life sciences. Regardless, the opportunity to interact, socialize and network with the students and professionals was worth my time. I met many attorneys who work in patent law, and had to opportunity to ask questions I had yearned to have answers to.-J. Sanchez

Before going to this event, I was excited to hear about opportunities in clinical research and the process of drug discovery and development. There were several speakers that addressed these topics including Peter Robinson, who spoke about a new partnership that will serve to make the process of choosing drug candidates for clinical trials more efficient. My favorite part of the event was after the talks were over and everyone was encouraged to socialize and network with each other. I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Amy Lerner, the Academic Director of the Center for Medical Technology at Univ. of Rochester, as well as MedTech members working in patent law and pre-clinical research. It’s very rare that I get to attend networking events that bring people together from such diverse fields in science. I enjoyed getting the opportunity to practice talking about my own research and career interests to people outside of my field as well as learning about the career journeys of others." E. Awuah

About MedTech:

An active association of over 100 pharmaceutical, biotech and medical technology companies, their suppliers and service providers and research universities.

What We Do:

Connect: MedTech facilitates learning and collaboration by helping members to connect with experts, leaders, and peers to share knowledge, best practices and emerging opportunities.
Educate: MedTech delivers the news and education that our members need to stay informed, competitive and succeed in the fast-growing bioscience and medical technology industry.
Advocate: MedTech advocates for active support from elected and appointed leaders in government, businesses and the community. We promote our members and New York State's Bio/Med industry throughout New York, the United States and the world.