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Monday, August 06, 2018
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification conquered!

The BEST Program in partnership with Binghamton University's Watson School of Engineering offered the opportunity to register and complete the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training. BESTies Yidang Zhang, Fiber Science and Apparel Design, Tsun Yin Mok, Biomedical Engineering, and Danhui Wang, Food Science and Technology, took advantage and received their certification this Summer: 

"This training is a good chance to learn some basic strategies in improving profit of certain processes. It works in both industrial and academic aspects. It needs some statistics to carry out some analysis but overall pretty straightforward. Not much effort is needed, but the outcome is very beneficial. It's also a good certificate to get as a good add-on to your resume."-Y. Zhang

I learned a lot in this Lean Six Sigma Program. It introduces a lot of methods and tools to improve performance by reducing waste. As a PhD student majoring in Biomedical Engineering, I like the way the course is structured by giving a lot of examples with the healthcare system. The course also provides ample tools for project management and workflow optimization. After all, I believe this course provides useful skills for researchers and it will be a great add-on in my career development."-T. Mok

"I have learned a lot through this Lean Six Sigma training program including advanced tools for problem solving and improvement methodologies used for projects. This training program is very useful in both academia and industry. I also learned a lot about improving efficiency, reducing variation, and problem-solving. I like the way the training is instructed and structured, we have more flexibility on the learning and the course has many examples to help us get a better understanding of those principles. The course also provides many statistics methods and tools which are helpful for our data analysis. I believe I can apply what I learned into my work and study, and it will be very beneficial to my career and professional development." D. Huang

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