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Friday, October 19, 2018
Spring 2018 ELSO Courses

The pre-enrollment period for graduate and professional students is from October 24 at 7:00 am to October 26 at 4:30 pm. As you pre-enroll for spring 2019 courses, considering adding ELSO courses to your schedule. 

The ELSO writing and speaking courses are not basic ESL courses, but courses designed to help multilingual students put their English language knowledge to work for the purposes of graduate school and professional life. These courses provide space for international multilingual graduate students to learn a range of strategies, practice skills in a low-stakes setting, and form community with peers from across fields and professions in a supportive atmosphere.

These courses are run for 7 weeks (either in the first or second half of the semester), as pass/fail (S/U) and credit-bearing (1.5 credits). 

In spring 2019, ELSO is offering a variety of courses:

  • ELSO 6210 Improving Pronunciation
  • ELSO 6220 Taking Part in Discussions
  • ELSO 6230 Designing and Delivering Presentations
  • ELSO 6510 Writing, Revising, and Editing
  • ELSO 6530 Becoming a Better Editor of Your Writing
  • ELSO 6540 Advanced Academic Writing: Writing with Sources
  • ELSO 6590 Thesis and Dissertation Writers Workshop*
  • ELSO 6630 Preparing for the Academic Job Search

For course eligibility and policies, course descriptions, and the fall 2018 course schedule, click here. To register for a course, go to the Student Center and search for "English Language Support."

* ELSO 6590 Thesis and Dissertation Writers Workshop is enrolled through an application process. To complete an application, click here.  

Contact: Michelle Cox, ELSO Director,