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Tuesday, January 15, 2019
BEST recommended business & entrepreneurship courses

We assembled a short list of the BEST recommended business and entrepreneurial courses that specifically welcome PhDs from all disciplines and will help you develop your entrepreneurial mindset.

  • AEM 6145 Business and Management Fundamentals (3 cr. R. Karpman) This is the new full-semester course developed from "Business as a Second Language" offered previously as BME 5960. Meets early in the morning so you can get back to your research! Basic business and management skills are necessary to advance your career no matter what discipline you plan to pursue. The purpose of this course is to provide the skills necessary to present a strong business case for any new biomedical or life science technology. Like any foreign language, "business-eeze" has its own vocabulary, grammar principles and culture. 
  • NBA 5640 Entrepreneurship and Business Ownership (3cr. S. Gal, T. Schryver, K. Rother)--Johnson School and Grad Students Only-- Entrepreneurship and Business Ownership (EBO) is a comprehensive introduction to the key aspects of envisioning, starting and running a new business. Team taught by two career entrepreneurs, EBO focuses both on concepts and frameworks in entrepreneurship and on "doing" entrepreneurship. Students will form teams, ideate new businesses, complete customer development, construct business models and work towards creating minimum viable products. Topics covered will include definition of the market, sales and distribution, competition, hiring and management of people, cash flow and financial management, making compelling pitches and raising capital.
  • NBA 5070 Entrepreneurship for Scientists and Engineers (3cr. B. Treat, J. Nesheim)--Non-Johnson Students ONLY-- Specifically designed for mentored independent study, this course is customized using streaming video, guest speakers, distance learning, and special lectures/tutorial sessions. Work is focused on a single project: students form a startup team and follow a technical business idea of their own choosing through the process of developing and founding a business that can attract venture investors. Learn how high-technology ideas are converted into world-class businesses in venture-backed startup companies as well as in new business development in existing companies. Tutorial sessions with professors apply lessons to the team business plan.
  • NBA 5380 The Business Idea Factory (1.5cr. B. Treat) Do you want to become an entrepreneur, but you don't yet have that brilliant idea? This class will help you come up with new ideas and evaluate which ones are the most worth pursuing to ensure you invest your time and energies on ideas that have the most promise. The first section of the course will be about places and processes that you can use to find inspiration to come up with a large number of potential business ideas. We will then walk through a systematic process to evaluate, validate, and quantify the best ideas for each team. 
  • CEE 5900 Project Management (4 cr. K. Rother, B. Treat, R. Newman) Core graduate course in project management for people who will manage technical or engineering projects. Focuses both on the "technical" tools of project management (e.g., methods for planning, scheduling, and control) and the "human" side (e.g., forming a project team, managing performance, resolving conflicts), with somewhat greater emphasis on the latter.
  • NBA 6910 Physical Product Entrepreneurship (1.5 cr. K. Rother) This course introduces students to the renaissance in physical product development created by the emergence of new desktop manufacturing technologies, small-scale electronics production, and internet based market aggregation all combined with Lean Startup principals. Unlike an engineering course that focuses on the "nuts and bolts" of creating a physical product this course will examine the creation of the product business itself rather than the actual device. This course is appropriate for the student exploring the creation of a hardware startup as well as students pursuing a career in product management at a physical product company. 
  • NBA 5690 Management Consulting Essentials (1.5 cr. R. Allen) This course will help students learn about consulting and the skills and capabilities to be a successful consultant. The course will begin with a module on successful case interviews. The consulting process will be discussed and why it leads to successful solutions for complex business problems. With the consulting process understood the course will focus on developing a problem definition diagnostic framework, hypotheses, analytical approaches, data collection and conclusions. 
  • HADM 3610 Communication for Entrepreneurs (3 cr. A. Quagliata) Communication skills are essential for entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs face unique communication challenges when communicating with initial investors, business partners, founding employees, first customers, and the media.  Students will apply course concepts to their own ideas while developing communication competencies in a variety of entrepreneurial communication contexts.