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Industry, Entrepreneurship & Management

Employers seek specific so-called 'soft skills' beyond solid technical skills in people they hire: reliability, strong ethics, teamwork, good communication and leadership. They are looking for self-confident, problem-solving, self-initiators who can clearly express the value they will add to the organization. It is important that you can translate your experiences into a language that will get their attention. Can you synthesize a lot of information to sift out what is most important to the bottom line? Are you willing to tackle a project you have no background in and recruit others to get it done? Do you have a 'can-do' attitude?

Ideas for practical, experiential opportunities

  • take courses in leadership & management, or in entrepreneurship in your field
  • develop your industry resumé
  • invite and interact with industry speakers to learn tips
  • intern with a small to mid-sized company, a life sciences startup, venture investment firm, or tech transfer office
  • participate in a regional Pre-Seed Workshop to learn how inventions are commercialized
  • spend a rotation in a lab that has created a startup
  • develop claims for a patent deposition with an intellectual property lawyer
  • attend career fairs, invite career panel speakers to campus, organize an event

Examples of outcomes and experiences: