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Entrepreneurship and Management Courses

Click on each category to see the course offerings available. Those most relevant and potentially applicable to PhD students and postdocs are highlighted in yellow.

Before you sign up for one of the below courses, consider taking BSL, "Business as a Second Language" (BME 5950). Developed with the BEST Program in mind, this mini-course helps PhDs and postdocs develop the business and management vocabulary using cases relevant to your field, and includes a pitch presentation as part of the final exam. See also Business basics

Pre-startup Skills

Business Startup

Business Management/Execution

Tools for Business Analytics

Be the Sole Proprietor of Your Own Career

Specialized Areas: (click to view all, or choose the area of interest below)

Design/Art-based Ventures

Legal Issues & Fundraising for Start-ups

Energy Management & Sustainable Businesses

Real Estate

Entrepreneurship - International Context

Science-based, Technology-based Businesses

Game Design

Small Business Consulting

Gender & Leadership Issues

Socially Responsible and Non-profit Entrepreneurship


Veterinary Practice & Animal Production

Hospitality/Restaurant-based Businesses

Economic Development

Pre-startup Skills:

Understanding entrepreneurship

  • AEM 1210 Entrepreneurship Speaker Series
  • AEM 1220 Entrepreneurship in the Life Sciences 1 cr. Bill Lesser
  • AEM 1230 Foundations of Entrepreneurship and Business
  • ENGRI 1270 Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Engineering
  • HADM 4144 Introduction to Hospitality Entrepreneurship
  • HADM 4154 Developing the Hospitality Entrepreneurship Business Plan
  • ILRHR 6611 Seminar on Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Organizations
  • NBA 6860 Startup Learning Series 1cr. Zach Shulman
  • ILRHR 4660 Entrepreneurship and Small Business

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Business Startup:

Business planning

Venture management and private equity

  • HADM 4145 Developing a Hospitality Entrepreneurship Business Plan
  • HADM 4211 Entrepreneurial Finance
  • NBA 3000 Entrepreneurship and Private Equities
  • NBA 5320 Due Diligence in Private Equity Investments
  • NBA 5570 Case Studies in Venture Investments and Management
  • NBA 5590 Venture Capital Industry and Private Equity Markets
  • NBA 5630 The IPO Process and M&A Process
  • NBA 5640 Entrepreneurship and Private Equities
  • NBA 6780 Advanced Private Equity - Negotiations and Structuring

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Business Management/Execution:

Evolve strategy based on market realities, international dimensions

Financial management

General management, communication, negotiation

  • AEM 1200 Introduction to Business Management
  • ENGRC 3350 Communications for Engineering Managers
  • HADM 4110/6611 Negotiations in the Hospitality Industry
  • HADM 4120 Understanding and Managing Hospitality Sales

Make informed decisions

  • AEM 4170 Decision Models for Small and Large Businesses
  • NBA 6110 Creative Design for Affordability
  • AEM 4940 Undergraduate Special Topics in AEM
  • NBA 6710 Business Ethics

Manage Innovation

Motivate and engage a team - lead people

  • AEM 4360 Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • CEE 6900 Creativity, Innovation, and Leadership 3cr.(CEE 5900-Project Management is a pre-requisite) FJ Wayno
  • HADM 4850 Employment Discrimination and Union Management Relations
  • ILROB 4270 Professions: Organization and Control
  • ILROB 6260 Managing Diversity: Policies and Practices
  • ILRHR 4620 Staffing Organizations (undergrad)
  • ILRHR 6650 Bus. Strategy and Human Resources
  • ILRHR 6680 Staffing Organizations
  • NCC 5540 Management and Leading in Organizations

 Successfully market, promote and sell into the market


Tools for Business Analytics:

Basic Research Skills

 Computer Skills

Management Theory and Methods

  • CEE 5930 Engineering Management Methods
  • ENGRI 1101 Engineering Applications of Operations Research
  • ORIE 4580 Simulation Modeling and Analysis
  • PAM 5470 Microeconomics for Management and Policy

Market Research

  • AEM 4100 Business Statistics
  • NBA 5180 Data Mining for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Relationship Management
  • ORIE 4630 Operations Research Tools for Financial Engineering
  • PAM 2150 Research Design, Practice and Policy

Project Management

  • SYSEN 1100 Getting Design Right:  A Systems Approach

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Be the Sole Proprietor of Your Own Career:

  • AEM 3340 Women, Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  • BEE 5330 Engineering Professionalism

Specialized Areas:

Design/Art-based ventures

Energy Management and Sustainable Businesses

  • BEE 4010 Renewable Energy Systems
  • BEE 4870 Sustainable Energy Systems
  • BEE 6870 The Science and Engr. Challenges to Development of Sustainable Bio-Based Industries 1cr. Larry Walker
  • CEE 4550 AguaClara: Sustainable Water Supply Project
  • CEE 6650 Transportation, Energy and Environment Systems for Sustainable Development
  • ENGRD 2510 Engineering for a Sustainable Society
  • ENGRI 1130 Sustainable Design for Appledore Island
  • NBA 5190 Sustainability as a Driver for Innovation in Entrepreneurial Organizations

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Entrepreneurship - international context

  • AEM 3350 International Technology Marketing of Biotechnology
  • AEM 4420 Emerging Markets
  • NBA 5900 Strategies for Success in Emerging Markets
  • NBA 5930 International Entrepreneurship
  • NBA 6250 International Marketing

Game Design

  • CIS 3000 Introduction to Computer Game Design
  • CIS 4002 Advanced Projects in Game Design

Gender and leadership issues

  • AEM 3340 Women, Leadership & Entrepreneurship 1cr. Deb Streeter


  • HADM 5030/ PAM 5500 Operations and Planning of Senior Living and Related Facilities
  • PAM 4570 Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Health Care Industry
  • PAM 5740 Short Course in Fundamentals of Health Facility Planning for Managers
  • PAM 5990 Challenges and Trends in Health Services Industry

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Hospitality/restaurant-based businesses

Legal issues and fund raising for start-ups

Real estate

Science-based, Technology-based Businesses

  • AEM 3220 Digital Business Strategy
  • AEM 3350 International Technology Marketing of Biotechnology
  • AEM 4370 Innovation and Strategy
  • CHEM 4040 Entrepreneurship in Chemical Enterprise 1cr. Bruce Ganem
  • CRP 4170/5170 Economic Development: Firms, Industries and Regions
  • ENGRG 2980 Inventing an Information Society
  • ENGRG 4610/MAE 4610/ORIE 4152 Entrepreneurship for Engineers 3cr. staff
  • HADM 4890 The Law of the Internet and eCommerce
  • INFO 1300/CS 1300 Introductory Design and Programming for the Web
  • MSE 4810 Technology Management
  • NBA 5070 Entrepreneurship for Scientists and Engineers 3cr. George Schneider
  • *new: Designed to validate your big entrepreneurial idea NBA 5380 The Business Idea Factory 1.5cr. Tom Schryver and Brad Treat
  • NBA 6080 Innovation in Pharma/Biotech:  The Challenge of Change
  • NBA 6100 Technology Management; Bio Info and Nano
  • NBA 6180 Global Innovation and Technology Commercialization
  • NBA 6520 Commercialization of University Science and Technology
  • NBA 6521 Technology Entrepreneurship at Cornell 0.5 cr. Wes Sine
  • NBA 6650 The Strategic Management of Innovation and Technology. See Spring 18 Syllabus here.
  • ORIE 9100/9101 Enterprise Engineering Colloquium
  • PLBR 4050 Patents, Plants, and Profits: Intellectual Property Mgmt. for Scientists and Entrepreneurs 2cr. AF Krattiger and S Kowalski

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Small Business Consulting

Socially Responsible and Non-profit Entrepreneurship

  • AEM 3380 Social entrepreneurs, innovators and problem solvers
  • AEM/NS 4450 Food Policy for Developing Nations
  • AEM/NS 6420 Globalization, Food Safety and Nutrition
  • AEM 4940 Undergraduate Special Topics in AEM 
  • DEA 1110 Making a Difference: By Design
  • NBA 6190 Leaders in Sustainable Enterprise

Veterinary Practice and Animal Production

Economic Development:

  • CRP 8000 Advanced Seminar in Urban and Regional Theory I

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 (updated August 2012)