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Cornell University

Science Communication

the value of telling your story...

Why should you care about public understanding of science? Watch this video.

Weekend Workshop

Offered each spring by Bruce Lewenstein: Comm 5660, Science Communication Workshop.

Are you interested in science journalism, writing a press release, starting a science blog, learning the interview dos and don'ts, or being involved in Citizen Science? An excellent list of resources compiled for this workshop for anyone considering following up on any of the topics covered in Comm 5660 is listed here.

Think your topic of research is hard to write about for a public audience? Steven Stogatz solved this problem in his New York Times series "The Elements of Math". In this article, he discusses where he got his inspiration.

Experiential Opportunities

  • weekend science communication workshop (see above)
  • coursework in journalism; media training workshop
  • write a press release, develop a podcast or blog
  • externship with media, science museum, botanical garden, advocacy organization
  • internship with Cornell Chronicle, Lab of Ornithology
  • put together and lead an Expand Your Horizons workshop
  • write a press release or op ed
  • give oral presentations to lay audiences
  • submit an article to a trade magazine; write a review of the literature in your field
  • apply to ComSciCon
  • 10 week summer stint with AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellows program
  • find opportunities to share your science: aims to give graduate students in the sciences, like the ones at Cornell, somewhere to find opportunities to practice their science communication skills, network, and get inspired to pursue their passion for science communication.

Examples of outcomes and experiences: