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Cornell University

AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellows Program

This 10-week summer program places science, engineering, and mathematics students at media organizations nationwide. Fellows use their academic training as they research, write, and report today’s headlines, sharpening their abilities to communicate complex scientific issues to the public. Application procedure opens in October with a mid-January deadline.

Burroughs Wellcome Fund/The Open Notebook Science Writing Fellowship

Early career science writers, including graduate students and postdocs are eligible. Propose your feature ideas in the application. The fellowship is remote, paid ($1800) and part-time. Fellows produce a total of five articles for publication at The Open Notebook—a mix of “story behind the story” interviews, reported features, and other resources, with the guidance of a mentor who will help shape story ideas, provide reporting and writing guidance as needed, and edit final copy. More info here. Deadline in late October for a winter or spring fellowship period.

Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Programs

Graduate, pre-doctoral and post-doctoral students - as well as conservators and senior scholars - have the opportunity to delve into independent research and study across an incredible range of disciplines at the largest museum in the world. Smithsonian Fellows have access to unparalleled collections, world-class scholars, and state-of-the-art facilities to explore the natural sciences, art, history, and culture. Programs include biodiversity genomics, conservation of museum collections, artist research, marinegeo, stable isotope interdisciplinary research and more. The application deadline for most of these programs is in early December. See more information, or call the Smithsonian Office of Fellowships and Internships at 202-633-7070.