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Cornell University

Workforce Data

AHA (American Historical Association) data on the history profession

Cornell University dashboard of doctoral career outcome surveys: Reports and Surveys

MLA (Modern Language Association) job market data and career resources

NIH (National Institutes of Health) studies on the biomedical research workforce:
Biomedical Research Workforce Working Group Report
Investigators and Trainees snapshot

NSF (National Science Foundation) surveys of scientists and engineers:
NSF survey statistics and reports

Data on the Profession in mathematical sciences

MedTech Bio/Med Industry Report 20142015

Council of Graduate Schools
List of links on rethinking Humanities PhD Resources
Professional Development: Shaping Effective Programs for STEM Graduate Students
Understanding Career Pathways (includes links to other resources on tracking career pathways of PhDs)
Promising Practices in Humanities PhD Professional Development
Summary of Prior Work in Humanities PhD Professional Development