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Click the links below to access information about the BEST Program and some of our 2019 events:

January 8

Research from Start to
Publish Workshop

Innovative Ideas for
Test Driving Your Career

January 14

Careers in Biomolecular Sciences

January 15

BEST recommended courses
open to and designed for PhDs:   

Communication and Policy

Business, Entrepreneurship,
and Management


February BEST Newsletter

February 6

Advancing Science And Policy

February 26

Cornell Graduate Consulting Club

Managing Client Expectations


March 1

Opportunities for Public
Communication of Science

March BEST Newsletter

March 2 & 3

Comm 5660
Communication Workshop

March 14
Policy Fellowship Test Drive

March 15

Careers in Innovation

March 15

Maternal and Child Nutrition
Seminar Series

Support and Resources for
Non-Academic Job Searches

March 22

How to be a Powerhouse
Policy Advocate

with Mark Bayer

March 24-27

AAAS Catalyzing Advocacy
in Science and Engineering
(CASE) Workshop and
Advocacy Day


April BEST Newsletter

April 9

CGCC Case Competition

April 10

How to Clearly Communicate
Your Science to Any Audience

April 12

EntrepreneurShift: Developing
an Entrepreneurial Mindset


May BEST newsletter


May 8

From Academia to Data Science:
The Insight Program

Q&A with alumnus
Riccardo Pavesi

May 21

Why Cornell’s Student-Led
BEST Program is So Successful 
When Science Speaks Podcast

BEST participants interviewed in podcast "When Science Speaks"

May 22-23

Silicon Valley
Entrepreneurship Trek

group photo of participants

May 23

Internships for
Graduate Students


June BEST Newsletter

June 2 & 3

Finding Your Research Voice

June 4

Pathways to Success

June 4

Why You Should
Communicate Your Research
with All Audiences

June 4

Careers Leveraging
Communication Skills

panelists Rebecca Robbins, Ray Jayawardhana, One Pagan, and Melanie Dreyer-Lude

June 4

Careers in Museums,
Non-Profits and Libraries

June 12

Student-Led and Organized
Case Competition Tackles
Real-World Problem

July BEST Newsletter

August 2&3


August 14

How to Create an
LinkedIn profile