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Cornell University

Click the images below to access information about the BEST Program and some of our 2014 events.

download the BEST Program brochure:

March 18
BEST Kickoff full program

download the BEST infographic:

April 4-6

April 8

Student Entrepreneurship in CNY: "Tomorrow's Leaders"

April 9

April 10 & 11

April 21

John Krupinski
"Careers in the Pharmaceutical Industry"

April 30 - 
The Future of Tech Transfer, a MedTech webinar featuring: Rami Katz, COO, Excel Partners; Nasir Ali, Co-Founder and CEO, Upstate Venture Connect (UVC); Mike Riedlinger, Program Manager for Technology Commercialization and Manager of the Rochester BioVenture Center for High Tech Rochester (HTR)

April 23

"Engineers as Intrapreneurs & Entrepreneurs"

April 24

How to get into consulting: PhD vs. MBA

May 15 & 16

"Opening the Biotechnology Toolbox""Resources for Growth in NY"

"Leading the Way for NY's Future"

May 8

Proctor & Gamble "Career Opportunities: PhD Recruiting Session" & "From Cornell to P&G" Duane Charbonneau     

May 9   

Jeffrey SchwardtSimpirica Spine

May 14 & 15

EWISE Symposium 2014

ProSky BESTernship: June

Telling Your Research Story: July

July 17

How to Influence Decision Makers, Funding and Policy

Jennifer Zeitzer

August 25

Graduate Resource Fair

September 11, 12 & 19

Pre-Seed Workshop

September 15, 2014

Science Writing Workshop with Nathan Seppa, ScienceNews

September 15

 Science Communication Careers with panelists Bruce Lewenstein, Miyoko Chu, Claudia Wheatley, and Warren Allmon

September 15 & 16

MedTech Annual Conference: Redefining Innovation in Academia and Industry

Growth Strategies Track Academia’s Influence on Innovation

September 16 & 17

University-Wide Career Fair


September 17, 2014 - Professional LinkedIn portraits taken

September 22 & 23

1st NIH Site Visit Government Jobs for PhDs in Biomedical Research

September 25

BTI Science Symposium: Celebrating 90 Years of Plant Research
Re-Imagining Postgraduate Education at Cornell and Beyond

October 1

Envisioning Yourself Outside of Academia: The First Steps for Grad Students and Postdocs

October 2

Postdoc Leadership Certificate

October 8

Cornell's Non-Academic Career Resources for Graduate Students and Postdocs

Business as a Second Language: Session 1

October 14

Niven Narain, Co-founder, President and CTO, Berg "Science for the scientist: Industry vs Academia vs Government" and a networking breakfast

October 15

David Fischell, CEO, Angel Medical Systems "Medical Devices for Humanity, Fun, and Profit"

October 16 

Cornell Technology Venture Forum

October 17

Robert Langer speaks on Biomaterials and Biotechnology

October 21

Ideation Workshop at Rev: Brad Treat, Ken Rother, Brian Bauer – Entrepreneurs-in-Residence

October 28

The Process and Pitfalls of Informational Interviewing

November 7

Entrepreneurship Summit Keynote address by Hamdi Ulukaya, CEO of Chobani


November 11

Jeff Sharp speaks on "The Anatomy of the Perfect Science Policy Op-ed"

November 19

Industry, Entrepreneurship and Management Careers

Panelists: BJ BormannStephen P. SmithDavid PutnamChris Thomas

December 4

So you think you want to be an entrepreneur?

Presenters: Ken Rother, Laura Georgianna, Brian Bauer, Brad Treat

December 5

Elsevier executive
Holly Falk Krzesinski 
discusses women in science, research development, open access and more