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Cornell University
Click the links below to access information about the BEST Program and some of our 2018 events:

January 4

BioFabUSA 2018 Winter Summit


January 17

Boston BME Career Trek

January 18

BEST recommended courses in:   

Communication and Policy

  Business, Entrepreneurship,
and Management

January 19  
Patent Law Review panel


January 23
Pathways to Success Symposium

February 4

BEST February Newsletter

February 8

Advancing Science and Policy

Building a Career
On & Off the Bench

February 12
BEST Careers in..
Governance Risk and Compliance

February 13

Cornell Graduate
Consulting Club (CGCC)
Consulting 101 with
Randy Allen

March 4

BEST March Newsletter

March 9

Opportunities for Public
Communication of Science

March 15
Careers in Science Policy
w/Mark Bayer

March 18-21

2018 AAAS CASE Workshop &
Cornell Advocacy Day

March 21

Three Minute Thesis

March 27

Cornell Graduate
Consulting Club (CGCC)
Bridging the Gap:
Communicating and
Connecting with MBAs

April 2

BEST April Newsletter

April 5
BEST Professional Portrait Day

April 6-8
BEST sends teams to
Policy Hackathon at MIT

April 18

Advancing Science and Policy

Gretchen Goldman, 
Union for Concerned Scientists

April 19-20
Cancer Research Seminars

April 19-20

April 25
Finding Your Research Voice
through better communication

April 30

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
Training Certification

May 1 

BEST May Newsletter

May 8
Let's Talk Careers in

May 17

NYS Biotechnology Symposium

May 18
From PhD to...
Regulatory Affairs Professional 

May 30
Science on Tap

June 2

BEST June Newsletter

June 5
AAAS Workshop: Engaging
with Policymakers

June 6

5th annual BEST Symposium & 
Pathways to Success

June 6

Exponent PhD Dinner Seminar

June 20-23

Drug Development
Workshop: Biogen& BEST

June 25-28
Finding Your Research Voice

June 27
Science on Tap

July 1

BEST July Newsletter

July 13 & July 22
ComSciCon Cornell 2018

July 16

BEST Careers in...
Industry post DVM and PhD

July 25

Science on Tap

August 1

BEST August Newsletter

August 10
Let's Talk Careers Beyond

August 16

MedTech Meet Up

August 17
17th Annual BBS Symposium
The BEST Experience

August 29

BEST Professional
Portrait Day

August 29
Science on Tap

September 4

BEST September Newsletter

Sept. 5 & 6
P&G Info sessions

September 6

Basic Project Management

September 10

CGCC: Consulting 101
with Randy Allen

September 21

Opportunities for Public
Communication of Science

September 27

ASAP hosts Park Doing on 
Ethics in Science and Engineering

October 1

BEST October Newsletter


October 1

ASAP hosts Ambassador Olav Kjørven
Norwegian UN Official and
Chief Strategy Officer for EAT

October 1

CGCC hosts Rick Wang and
Sylvia Zhang 
Intro to Case Competitions

October 4

ASAP Social Hour

October 15

CGCC Brainstorming and
Structuring for Cases

October 22

CGCC Converting your CV to
a Business Resume

October 29-30

 AIMBE Public Policy Institute

November 1

BEST November Newsletter

November 2 & 3

Finding Your Research Voice

November 7

Navigate Your Future:
Careers in Industry, Entrepreneurship
and Management

November 15

Alumni in Consulting
Q&A panel

November 29 & 30

ASAP annual
Science Policy Training
Washington, D.C.

December 1


BEST December 18/January 19


December 5

Technology Entrepreneurship @Cornell

Mixer and Meet PhDs
who start and support startups:

Hailey ScofieldKwame Amponsah,
Hunter AdamsDavid Erickson

December 5

Jeffrey Sward

How Science is Viewed and Utilized
on Capitol Hill

December 6
Founder/Chief Scientist,
Phase Genomics, Inc.

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