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Click the links below to access information about the BEST Program and some of our 2017 events:

January 9

BEST Site visit to P&G

January 10

BEST Careers in... Science Policy


BEST recommended courses:

BME 4440 Science Policy 

COMM 5660 Science
Communication Workshop

PHYS 7685 
aka Finding Your Scientific Voice

AEM 6145 Business
Management Fundamentals 

January 15

Advancing Science And Policy

February 1

February BEST Newsletter

February 2

Should I do a postdoc?

February 2

Debate Coach Sam Nelson

February 3

Grant Review Criteria 
webinar with Holly Falk

February 13

Navigating Your Future: Managing Dual Careers

February 15

MedTech Member MeetUp at AMRI

February 16-20

AAAS Annual Meeting

February 28, March 21 &28

Pitch Competition

Mixer, Workshop and Compete!

March 1

BEST March Newsletter

March 2

Case Study:
A Scientist in Washington 

March 8

Communicating the Science Behind Energy & Environment

March 8 & 9

Engaged Cornell Course: Cancer research presentations and discussions (BIOMS 5665)


March 13 & 14

Career Options Symposium
with Georgetown University

March 13, 14 & 21

Pre-Seed Workshop

March 16

Credibility, Controversy, and the Challenge of Engaging in Policy

March 17

Navigate Your Future:
Lessons in Leadership

March 22

Dianne Miller and Kristin Adams
Cornell Federal Relations 
“Advocacy 101” 

March 22

Political Engagement by Academic Scientists

March 24

Careers in Communication Discussion with Bill Silberg

March 25

Social Issues in Community Engagement by Cancer Scientists

March 30

How to Run for State Government
Leslie Danks Burke

April 1

April BEST Newsletter 

April 12

Seminar & BEST Interactive Session- Biocytogen

April 12

Communicating as key to Better End-of-Life Care

April 12

Take a Politician to Work Day Mayor Svante Myrick

April 13

Mark Bayer
Bayer Strategic Consulting

April 26-28


May 1

BEST May Newsletter

May 3 & 4

4th annual BEST Symposium

May 12

Take your politician to work
Barbara Lifton

May 18 & 19

9th annual NYS Biotechnology Symposium

May 22

Chemist, Inventor, Entrepreneur
Glenn Prestwich


May 24

Creating and Owning Your
Individual Development Plan

June 1

BEST June Newsletter

June 6

Building your C.V. to get

June 8 & 9

Future of Bioscience Grad & Postdoc Training

June 14

Building your C.V. to get 'know'ticed

July 1

July BEST Newsletter