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Cornell University

At Cornell

The Graduate School offers over 200 workshops annually to enhance your career and professional development.

Here's a link to the coveted Cornell Career Guide. It is a job seeker's paradise and provides both general job searching tips as well as excellent examples of 'before' and 'after' resume workovers.

But how do you get you advisor to go along with your career development plans? Read this Molecular Cell paper on how to discuss your IDP with your advisor.

Within the BEST Network

University of Rochester Medical Center is affiliated with the Center for Professional Development. They have an amazing array of helpful articles in every topic area: Skills Development, Career Planning, Writing Resources, Fellowship and Grant Resources, and Research Ethics.

The University of Chicago MyChOICE Program has an excellent repertoire of alumni career profiles so you can learn what it's like to have a career in various professions that make use of your Ph.D. degree.

The UMass Med BEST Program has assembled wonderful resources for faculty, with specific suggestions on how to support trainees in their professional development.

See more at the NIH BEST Consortium website

Additional general resources

Webinar: Proposal Writing Basics (41 minutes)
Webinar: Proposal Budgeting Basics (53 minutes)

Are you organizing a conference or panel session? To avoid implicit bias, see some best practices.